1990 Cruise

Cagliari Sardinia

Sardigna or (Sardinnia) is the second-largest island in the
Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily).

A part of Italy with regional autonomy granted by the Italian Constitution, Sardinia comprises 9,301 sq mi. The nearest land masses are (clockwise from north) the French island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Tunisia, and the Spanish Balearic Islands.

Sarroch, which is situated twenty five kilometres from Cagliari, has 5.600 inhabitants. This number becomes 10.000 in the summer with the invasion of the zones of Perda e Sali and Portu Columbu. The origin of the name is mysterious. It might derive from the Phonenician "Sharak" meaning bunch of grapes , or perhaps from the Catalan "S'arroch" with clear reference of the majestic rock that dominates the village.

Videos by Signalman Division of the 04 deck


Sarroch is the location of the famous oil refinery Saras S.p.A. owned by important Italian family (Moratti). Refinery is one of the biggest of Europe and was subject to scandal of pollution and public incentives for renewable energy source and also workers security. In 2009 documentary-film Oil based on the story of refinery was subject to censorship in italy.

Tempio di Antas photo from Italian School - Cagliari