1990 Cruise

The Port of Suez is situated at the southern end of the Suez Canal, forming the Northern Port of Suez Bay,
approx. 170 km S of Port Said, and 120 km. East of Cairo. The Suez bay is sheltered except from the South,
providing a waiting anchorage area for vessels. The port consists of Port Ibrahim, providing berths for general
and passenger vessels; New Harbour, where facilities for tankers and livestock vessels are situated.
Port Tewfik is used to accommodate passenger ships and vessels transiting Suez Canal.

Canal Characteristics list the minimum width between channal markers is 180m or 591 ft.
That is not a lot of space to manuver in. Ships can not stop on a dime. Therefore - Single file is in order.

Video by Signalman Division of the 04 deck


Image from world traveler  Captain  SPJ
Notice there are two towers in this photo, only one in the video.