1990 Cruise
Cartagena is a Mediterranean city and naval station in the Region of Murcia, southeast of Spain. Cartagena has been the capital of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department of the Mediterranean since the arrival of the Spanish Bourbons in the eighteenth century. As far back as the sixteenth century it was one of the most important naval ports in Spain, together with Ferrol in the North.

The town was originally named Mastia. Possessing one of the best harbors in the Western Mediterranean, it was re-founded by the Carthaginian general Hasdrubal Carthago Nova (New Carthage), for the purpose of serving as a stepping-off point for the conquest of Spain. The Roman general Scipio Africanus Julius Caesar gave the town Latin Rights, and Octavian renamed it in his honor as the colony Colonia Iulia Victrix N.C. in 228 BC as conquered it in 209 BC.

In 298 Diocletian constituted a new Roman province in Hispania called Carthaginensis and settled the capital in this city. It remained important until it was destroyed by the Vandals in AD 435. During the Roman period, it was the site of major silver mines, yielding revenue of 25,000 drachmae daily. It was known also for the production of garum, a fermented fish sauce, and for esparto grass.

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Videos by Signalman Division of the 04 deck

The number [1] below, spots where Neosho was moored during her repairs.
Locations [2]  [3] & [4] are smaller images that appear below.

The green square above locates some WWII fortifications shown here.

Photo 2, right,
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CARTAGENA aerial from space. (GoogleEarth)