Vern Attended  
The 10th anniversary of the
Navy League of the United States
Lake Washington Council's Dinner
Held January 13, 2010

He had the pleasure of meeting the National President of the Navy League
Dan Branch Jr. and his wife Kathleen

The speech he wants all civilians to hear, follows;
Lake Washington Council
Navy League of the United States

10th Anniversary Dinner - Janurary 13, 2010

..Guest Speaker - Our National President
Daniel B. Branch Jr.

What is the Navy League
 of the United States?
Dan's two minute ELEVATOR SPEECH

The Navy League of the United States is:

An American civilian organization across North America, Europe and Asia with nearly 53,500 members organized in 250 Councils, with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

We advocate--- We educate—the public and our congress on the need for strong and effective, and capable Sea Services----Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and U.S. Flag Merchant Marine. Our members also directly provide support and assistance to their families. We support the troops! We support a 9000 member youth program (Sea Cadets).

We inform the public and our Senators and Representatives of the importance of sea power to National Security and our economic prosperity.

95% of our goods move by sea! The American public assumes trade will move unimpeded. A strong navy that is large enough---can guarantee freedom of the seas when the sea lanes are challenges, whether in peace or time of hostilities.

The Navy League briefs hundred of Senators and Representatives annually on the need to adequately fund navy ship construction. We need well over $25 billion funded annually to build the fleet to 313 ships, the minimum for our national security.

Administrations and congress recently have funded shipbuilding under half that needed to build an adequately sized fleet.

We are 285 ships today---nearly where we were in 1916. The fleet decline since the 1990s has been significant. (There were 435 ships in 1993, and 592 in 1989).

Wars, piracy/humanitarian assistance/guaranteeing free flow of trade for our economic well being require a robust navy.

We need to build the navy fleet to at least 313 ships near term.

So in short, we are an all civilian organization concerned with the long term interests of our national security, and we are not political. (we are not lobbyists). Do you have concerns about National Security and/or the size of our Navy today?

Consider joining us, your local council, the Lake Washington Council of the Navy League of the United States.

Down Load - Speech in pdf format.