An area of dangerously shallow water in the Atlantic Ocean

Not the best place to be
when the seas are high!

The image [right] marks three
sinkings south of LIGHT SHIP that used to help ship navigation up to 12 December 1983 when an "LNB" was activated.

RMS Republic 23-1-1909    U-550 16-4-1944    Andrea Doria 25-7-1956

Nantucket Shoals, 1854-1983

Location & historical notes: Originally referred to as "Nantucket New South Shoal" from 1854-1896; from 1896 through 1983 it was named "Nantucket Shoals." This station marked the southern extremity of the extensive shoals that make out south and east from Nantucket Island. It served as a primary leading mark for both coastwise and trans-Atlantic traffic. It was located variously at distances from 20 to 50 miles from the nearest land. It was repositioned several times to provide a greater safety margin from shoal areas, and to conform to changed in the international traffic lanes. Nantucket Shoals was one of the most exposed lightship stations in the world and it was the last of the U.S. lightship stations to be discontinued. U.S. Coast Guard Lightships

 WLV- 613 - Built in 1952                         WLV-612 - Built in 1950                             Placed in 1983    

At 2:30 a.m. on 20 December 1983 the Lightship 613 relieved Lightship 612 until 8:00 a.m. when she was relieved by a Large Navigational Buoy, making Lightship 613 the last Lightship on station in the US and on Nantucket Station. [Click Images above