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State Facts
      U. S. Navy Museums                OTHER MUSEUMS
The U.S. Navy operates 12 museums, one naval history display center, and four historic ships throughout the United States. These facilities provide visitors and researchers an opportunity to become familiar with the rich and varied history of the U.S. Navy, its customs and traditions, and the evolution of its multifaceted missions. from: Naval Historical Center
East Coast
  • USS Constitution
  • Rhode Island
  • Naval War College Museum
  • Historic Ship Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum
  • USS Nautilus
  • District of

  • The U.S. Navy Museum
  • History
  • USS Barry near The U.S. Navy Museum, Washington Navy Yard
  • U.S. Naval Academy Museum
  • Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
  • Navy Installations
  • Virginia
  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum
  • USS Wisconsin at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum
  • National Museum of Naval Aviation
  • Middle America
  • Great Lakes Naval Museum
  • Georgia
  • U.S. Navy Supply Corps Museum
  • CEC Seabee Museum, Gulfport Branch
  • West Coast
  • Naval Undersea Museum     Trieste II
  • Puget Sound Navy Museum
  • Civil Engineer Corps/Seabee Museum
  • Naval Museum of Armament and Technology
  • ..............
    Navy Museums
    ..........ThiThis site is an attempt to identify military ship museums that exist in the year 2009.
    Please advise me of any differences.  WEBMASTER

    State Museums
    Maritime Museums
    East Coast   = 46 Military Ship Museums
    Maine USS Maine ACR-1  BB-10   SSBN-741
    Sherman Zwicker     Katahdin Lake Steamer
    Bath Iron Works     Booth Bay     WWII Activities
    Bar Harbor Whale Museum     Lighthouse Museum
    Maine Maritime Academy     Navy History in Maine
    Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum     Peaks Island
    New Hampshire USS Albacore AGSS-569     Gundalow Company
    Vermont SS Ticonderoga Sidewheel    
    New York USS Intrepid CV-11    USS Growler SSG-577     Wavertree Square Rigged
    USS Little Rock CL-92     USS Tamaroa WMEC-166
    USS Croaker SS-246     USS The Sullivans DD-537
    USS Slater DE-766    LT-5 Army Tug     Chief Engineer Canal Packet
    Staten Island Ferry Museum     Ambrose Lightship No87
    Half Moon (Hudson's vessel)     Mathilda Tug     Catawissa Tug
    Minne-ha-ha Paddlewheeler     Empire State V     Peking four mast
    Massachusetts USS Massachusetts BB-59     USS Joseph P. Kennedy JR DD-850
    USS Lionfish SS-298     USS Fall River CA-131     Fore River Shipyard 
    USS Salem CA-139     German Sub U-5075    USS Cassin Young DD-793    
    Mayflower II     Plimoth Plantation    
    Nantucket Whaling Museum
    Adventure Fishing Schooner     Friendship 3 Mast    Schooner Fame
    Nationa PT Museum     Old Sturbridge Village
    Boston Tea Party Ships     Charlestown Navy Yard     SS Nobska
    Tugboat Luna     Maritime Museums    

    Connecticut Mystic Seaport    Charles W. Morgan     Joseph Conrad
    U. S. Coast Guard Acadamy     Eagle three mast

    Rhode Island USS Saratoga CV-60....U-484 Russian Sub....................................
    Pennslyvania USS Olympia C-6     USS Becuna SS-319    USS Requin AGSS-481
    Brig Niagaraa Sail Barque     Barque Moshulu German
    Gazela of Philadelphia     Jupiter Tug
    Josiah White Canal Boat     SS United States Superliner   
    New Jersey USS New Jersey BB-62     Atlantis Concrete Ship     Holland-1 Sub
    USS Ling AGSS-297     Sandy Hook Defense Batteries
    Intelligent Whale Submarine    
    Barnegat Lightship
    Delaware DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum     Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
    Overfalls Lightship    
    Kalmar Nyckel

    SS John W Brown     USS Torsk SS-423     USCGC Taney-37
    USS Constellation     Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard
    Sparrows Point Book     Steam Tug S.T. Baltimore    Pride of Baltimore II
    Fort McHenry     The Star Spangled Banner
    Lightship Chesapeake     Victory Chimes Schooner

    District of Columbia USS Barry DD-933     PTF 17     Gunboat Philadelphia
    Historical Naval Ship Association    Trieste I Deep Diving Sub    
    West Virginia USS Barr Collection     Rumseian Steam Experiment
    Virginia Naval Surface Warfare Center     Mariners Museum     Dorothy Tug
    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum
         Jamestown Settlement    
    North Carolina USS North Carolina BB55     LSM-45     CSS Neuse Confederate Ironclad
    South Carolina USS York Town CV-10     USS Laffey DD-724     USS Clamagore SS-343
    USCGC Ingham WHEC-35
    Georgia Patriots Point   Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
    Port Columbus     Old Fort Jackson     Civil War Museum
    St Mary's Submarine Museum     Savanna River Boats

    USS Alabama BB-60     USS LST-325     USS Drum SS-228
    National Maritime Museum of the Gulf Of Mexico

    Florida SS American Victory   USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2
    John H. Fetterman Maritime Museum     Governor Stone Schooner
    Keywest Shipwreck Historeum     UDT Seal Museum
    USS Florida BB-30     Betsy Anne Riverboat
    Middle America   = 29 Military  Ship Museums
    Ohio Sandusky Maritime Museum     SS Willis B. Boyer
    SS William G Mather     Great Lakes Memorial Museum, Ashtabula
    W.P.Snyder Jr Towboat
    Michigan Shipwreck Museum     USS Edson DD-946     LST-393     Soo Locks
    Great Lakes Carferries     USS Silversides SS-236     Ore Ship Valley Camp
    USCGC McLane WMEC-146     USCGC Bramble WLB-392     Huron Lightship
    SS Keewatin     Schooner Madeline     MS Norgoma     Passenger Ships
    USCGC Aspen WLB-208     City of Milwaukee ferry     Milwaukee Clipper
    Wisconsin USS Cobia AGSS-245     SS Badger Ferry     SS Meteor     John Purvus Tug
    Minnesota Tugboat Edna G     USCGC Sundew WLB-404     William A Irvin     Islay Tug
    Minnehaha Steamboat     Edna G Steam Tug     Julius C. Wilkiw Steamboat
    North Dakota Fort Meade     The Star Spangled Banner     
    South Dakota USS South Dakota Memorial
    Montana No Meritime museums
    Wyoming No Meritime museums
    Colorado No Meritime museums
    Nebraska USS Hazard AM-240     LSM-45     USS Marlin SST-2
    Captain Merriwether Lewis DREDGE
    Kansas Air-Sea Rescue Boat
    Iowa Sergeant Floyd Riverboat Museum     Spirit of Dubuque
    City of Clinton Towboat     DREDGING
    National Missiissippi River Museum     Lone Star Steamer
    George M. Verity River Museum     Dredge William M Black
    Illinois U-505 Submarine    National Museum of Ship Models
    USCGC ACACIA WLB-405     LaSalle Canal Boat
    Missippi River Visitor Center     Spirit of Peoria
    Indiana Wabash and Erie Canal Park     Howard Steamboat Museum
    Evensville LST Shipyard     LST Ship Memorial
    Barbara H. Sternwheel     The Dixie
    Kentucky Belle of Cincinnati     Mark Twain     Belle of Louisville     Mark Fink Towboat
    Life-Saving Station No. 10     Portland Museum     
    Tennessee Mud Island
    Arkansas USS Razorback (SS-394)     USS Snook (SS-279)
    USS Hoga (YT-146)     Arkansas Queen
    Oklahoma USS Batfish SS-310
    New Mexico No Meritime museums
    Texas USS Lexington CV-16     USS Texas BB-35   USS Orleck DD-886 
    PT-309     USS Cavalla AGSS-244     USS Stewart DE-238    
    Drilling Rig Museum    
    1877 Tall Ship Elissa
    Louisiana USS Kidd DD-661     LCVP KA 33-21
    Mamie S. Barrett Steamboat     PT-305
    Missouri Arabia Riverboat Museum     President Steamboat
    Mississippi USS Cairo - Ironclad     Gray and Blue Naval Museum
    West Coast   = 17 Military  Ship Museums
    Alaska USCGC Storis WMEC-38     Star of Kodiak     SS Nenana Steamer
    Washington USS Turner Joy DD951     USCG Cutter  CG-83527Port Ludlow
    PBR River Patrol BoatEverett    Maritime Museums
    Nordic Heritage Museum    
    Naval Memorial Museum of the Pacific
            Virginia V       Zodiac

    Fire Boat No.1Tacoma        LotusPort Townsend
    Hawaiian Chieftain & Lady WashingtonGrays Harbor
    ShenandoahGig Harbor      Skansonia  
    W.T.Preston  - Anacortes   Willapa Seaport Museum
    Coast Guard Museum     Burke Museum     Fort Worden Battery
    Oregon USS Blueback SS-581     Portland Steam Tug
    Columbia River Maritime Museum     Columbia Lightship
    Mary D. Hume Tug     Fort Stevens State Park Museum
    Hero - Research ship 

    Idaho Steamboats of Idaho
    Utah No Meritime museums
    Nevada Laughlin Museum
    Arizona Dolly Steamboat
    California San Francisco Maritime Nation Park
    SS Jeremiah O'Brien       USS HORNET CV-12     Delta King Steamboat
    USS Pampanito (SS-383)       SS Red Oak Victory    
    Balclutha       C A Thayer       Eureka      Alma     Madaket
    Hercules      Eppleton Hall       Bay Ark     John Ena     Treasure Island

    Los Angeles Maritime Museum    
    John Taylor Ship Sculptuers
    USS Los Angeles CA-135       SS Lane Victory     Wild Goose Cruise Ship
    RMS Queen Mary       Sea Launch Odyssey     Brig Pilgrim & Spirit of Dana Point
    Soviet Attack Submarine B-427

    San Diego Maritime Museum
    USS MIDWAY CV-41      Soviet Attack Submarine B-39
    Star of India.......HMS Surprise     Patrol Boat Museum
    Medea.....Californian       Berkeley     Halcyon Flying boat
    Ship Ashore      SHIPS BELL of USS California (BB-44)
    Hawaii USS Arizona BB-39     USS Missouri BB-63     USS Bowfin SS-287    
    USS Utah BB-31     Falls of Clyde     Cathaginian II Brig
    Pacific Aviation Museum     Bishop Museum

    Operations Handbook
    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Getting Started 
    • Fundraising 
    • Ship Care and Maintenance
    • Finance and Administration for a Historic Ship 
    • The Historic Ship as Primary Artifact
    • Exhibits and Collections Management 
    • Outreach, Public Affairs, and Reference Services 
    • Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Operating a Historic Ship

    Navy Ships Descriptions