In MILFORD, DELAWARE    -    The RIVER for which the Navy Oiler -   USS MISPILLION AO-105  is named.

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My wife and I were driving along in Delaware and all of sudden there was this HUGE sign that said 'MISPILLION RIVER'
 on the bridge counterweight, says
Chris Munson, son of USS Mispillion's 1st Commander, Capt. Henry G. Munson.

Our nations DELAWARE AREA is where the naming of Navy Oilers began.
Chris found an interesting paper in his Dad’s files. It’s a DRIVER'S MANUAL for the Mispillion!
Chris's dad Henry G. Munson

Was a Submariner during WWII aboard SS-143, SS-291, and SS-269 then in 1948 DD-829
The Mispillion has been part of Chris's whole life.

The 1952 photo above displays where Chris met the soon to be QUEEN OF THE MISPILLION, Penny Nelson. Penny became an official crew member of USS Mispillion AO-105.

As Chris viewed the Jan. 5th 2012 photos of the ship making its way to Mare Island; "God she does look grand sliding by those hills on that blue water. No tanker ever looked so proud. I have lumps to man." The vision made him think of the Fighting Temeraire being tugged to her last berth.

Aerial image from Google Earth                                                                 Chris Munson                                        

The MOUTH of Mispillion river                                                                     Downtown Milford
Music is from the songs of "Kurt Herbener"; the son Vern's highschool physics teacher, a WWII MP