Mike McCullough
Historian & Photographer of Rhododendron Occidentales & Ships

Mike's subjects have been photographed in
Western California where a few are locationed as indicated on the map to the right. The 7 BLUE points = Ships and the 11 GREEN points = Rhododendrons, where he has drifted into Oregon.

1:  USS Hornet CVA-12 Original Docent
2:  Mare Island +  Suisun Bay + USS LCS-102 & YLT-434
USS Nereus AS-17   ATFs 105 & 110   +  Row K Update
3:  Richmond and USS Iowa BB-36 
4:  USS Glacier WABG-4   + USS Wabash AOR-5 + USS Roanoke AOR-7
+ USS Vancouver LPD-2   USS Holland AS-32
+ USS Kansas City AOR-3 + Suisun Bay Fleet
+ USS Mount Hood AE-29
+ USS Williamette AO-180 + USS Mount Washington AOT-5076
+ USNS Shoshone AO-151 + USNS Meteor T-AKR-9
+ USNS Comet T-AKR-7 + USS Pocahontas YTM-266
5:  Noyo River - Fort Bragg
6:  USS LCIL- 1091 Tour - Eureka
7:  Crescent City - Coast Guard, Seals & Squirrels
 +  USS CONSTELLATION in Long Beach +  USS RANGER in Long Beach

 +  Navsource  Other Ships  + A trip to the GOLDEN GATE
 +  A trip to SAN DIEGO +  Touring USS CORONADO LCS-4
FLEET WEEK - 2012      2015 JUICE

Rhododendrons [Western]
1:  Bay Laurel Nursery - Atascadero
2:  Camp Monte Toyon - Aptos 
3:  Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park - Felton
4:  Olive Garden - Los Altos
5:  Sonoma Horticultural Nursery
6:  Farwell & Sons Nursery - Bohemian Highway.......
7:  Flynn Creek - Comptche
8:  Westgate Nursery - Eureka      +    Samoa Cookhouse
9:  Azalea State Reserve - off Hwy. 101
10:  Patrick's Point State Park
11:  Eight Dollar Road - Kerby, Oregon
12:  Mount Tamalpais - Above Saulsolito
13:  2017 ORCHID SHOW - Redwood City

You find that on Mike's trips North, he camps out.

"I am interested in preserving history. Models, plans, or photographs are not adequate substitutes for the real thing." Mike

USS Hornet CVA-12


They are extremely helpful & interesting to talk to. Any questions regarding naval stuff, the military or aviation can be answered by these guys!

That's Mike,
left, front and center,

View a VIDEO where most of the images are by Mike. The departure of USS/USCG Glacier WABG-4

Mike has a BA in Social Science and is Publicity Director of the De Anza Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
Public Relations Director of the Monterey Bay Chapter.

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