Mike McCullough's  -  SUISUN BAY  Photo shoot on April 17, 2012
Compare this photo with April 10, 2010 Photo and Reserve Fleet Map 2012

After photographing the arrival of the icebreaker USS/USCG Glacier WABG-4 at Mare Island, Mike headed East on Interstates 780 and 680, to where about two miles East of the junction of the Interstates is a vista area. To get to this area exit Interstate 680 at Lake Herman Road. This vista is one of two which overlooks the Suisun Bay reserve fleet.

From the westerly vista, on November 2, 2011, he watched the move of USS Iowa from the Suisun Bay reserve fleet to Benicia. USS Iowa was the last warship at the Suisun Bay reserve fleet. The rest are service vessels such as oilers, tenders and former ready reserve force ships; though there is one amphibious ship there.

In Mike's other trips to this vista point, He would find locations there and try to take photos around various obstructions. This time, he noted the hill behind the vista area, and a concrete lined ditch, which made a good pathway up the hill.

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This is Row "G" in what is left of the Reserve fleet.

The strange looking craft in the foreground is housing built to house the USS Sea Shadow.
This housing is mounted on top of the barge HMB-1, which was designed to work with USNS Glomar Explorer in the raising of a Soviet Submarine.

The USS Mispillion was next in line but was removed on Jan. 5, 2012. About 5 ships behind them was the USS Pyro which was removed in February 2012.

Mike says the USS Nereus AS-17 is the most historical ship in the fleet.

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2009 Aerial Image.

This is Row "I". Row "H" is just a couple of Buoy's to the right. The Reserve Fleet Office is front, left.

This row has not changed much.

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2009 Aerial Image.

Mike Comments: "Military Sealift Command and Ready Reserve Force ships make better disaster relief ships than the warships which politicians have sent to deliver supplies on relief missions. Now, there are now only 48 ships in the RRF."

This is Row "J".

This is the row that 4 ships were removed in the spring of 2012.
SS Ambassador; SS Adventure; SS Agent; and SS Aide. All
Cape A Class Breakbulk Cargo Ships.
USNS H.H. Hess was removed in January of 2012.

Mike Comments: "Note the Red, White, and Blue funnel markings.  These ships use to be in the Ready Reserve Force.

This, written in the 1990s, states “The RRF is expected to increase to a total of 100 ships with the addition of five more roll on / roll off vessels and one auxiliary crane ship by 2000."

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2009 Aerial Image.

This is Row "K".

USS General John Pope AP-110 was removed from here in April of 2010.

Those Barges, in the foreground are in Row "K1". See Aerial in 2009

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2009 Aerial Image.

This is Row "L".

USS Pigeon ASR-21 was removed from here Janurary of 2012.

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2009 Aerial Image.

Ships that were in Rows "E" & "F"
are all removed now, Like:
USS Glacier WABG-4,
USS Taluga AO-62,
USS Reclaimer ARS-42,
USS Mission Santa Ynez AO-134,
Pan American Victory,

One interesting ship from the James River Reserve Fleet, was the
SS Arthur M. Huddell.
It was turned into a museum in Greece.

After hiking down the hill, Mike headed back to San Jose and got some rest.

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