SUISUN BAY  - August 13, 2013

"Before I went to Vallejo to photograph the undocking of USS Kansas City, I went to  "Jack-In-The-Box".
This is North of Benicia, CA, across Interstate 680, by the Vista Point I was to photograpg from.
After getting something to eat, noticed that even the two most easterly rows of ships in the Reserve fleet were visible.
The reserve fleet has shrunk a lot, perhaps to much."   Mike McCullough

ROW "G"  -   Captain Patrick Moloney, refers to these three ships as "OUR GIRLS". 
(Front/Back) USS Hassayampa AO-145, USS Kawishiwi AO-146, USS Ponchatoula AO-148

ROW "I"  -   The Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet Office is in front, in an APL Barge.
F/B is SS Cape Blanco AK-5060,  USNS Northern Light AK-284,  SS Cape Breton AK-5056,
SS Cape Bover AK-5057, SS Cape Borda AK-5058, SS Green Mountain State ACS-9
and USS Cape Fear T-AK-5061 a Lighter Aboard Ship Barge Carrier.

ROW "J"  -   The SS Cape Jacob AK-5029

ROW "K"  -   F/B SS Cape Girardeau AK-2039, USNS Comet T-AK-269,  USNS Meteor LSV-9
SS Mount Washington T-AOT-5076, USNS Shoshone T-AO-151, USS Willamette AO-180
and to depart on Aug. 21st, USS Mount Hood AE-29.

ROW "L"  -   F/B USCGC Storis WMEC-38,  USCGC Planetree WLB-307, 
USCGC Irus WLB-211, USNS Triumph T-AGOS-4,  USNS Wyman T-AGS-34

Ship Descriptions can be found at: Suisun Bay Vessel Histories

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