The USS Moctobi delivered radio equipment on July 24, 1945, hundreds of miles North of Saipan.

At the Richmond Harbor, not far from USS Red Oak Victory, were two former fleet tugs (ATF's).

 At a  visit, on December 28, 2011, Mike took these photos.

These fleet tugs would have made good museum ships in the Bay Area.

USS Moctobi ATF-105 ( renamed MV Lion )

USS Quapaw ATF-110 (renamed MV Tiger)

History      Quapaw Tribe Museum

There was an attempt by former crew members to save the two ships, but they were abandoned by the former owners.
 The Port of Richmond took them over, and sent them to Mare Island to be scrapped.

On August 1, 2012 USS Moctobi & USS Quapaw were in Drydock Number 2 at Mare Island being scrapped

On October 23, 2012 the ships were almost scrapped.
Parts of the ships are aboard USS Hoga.

ONE, ATF type fleet tug that is a museum ship is the USS Zuni being also the USCGC Tamaroa.
It was used int the movie "THE PERFECT STORM".

There may be ATFs still in service in foreign navies.

    The Americas       Asia & Pacific      Persian Gulf & Middle East   or   Africa

The ATA type tug USS Wampanoag being also the USCGC Comanche is a museum ship in Tacoma, Washington.