Mike McCullough

On April 17, Mike drove from San Jose to Vallejo to see the arrival of USCG Glacier WABG-4 at Mare Island. The ship was going to have her hull cleaned in order to be towed through the Panama Canal to either be scrapped at Brownsville, Texas, or to become a museum ship in Miami.

At the end of a long pier "1" Mike took Photo  below.

View this South Area From An Aerial Image

Since Mike had time before the scheduled arrival of Glacier, he headed North to a point where he took a couple more photos. But here he has presented us a couple others he had taken in the past. The photo right had been taken from the dry docks - location "2". The photo below had been taken at location "3" where the conning tower of Submarine "658" is part of the Island's museum.

This is where submarines were built.  From across the channel, in Vallejo, Mike saw the launching of USS Drum SSN-677, on 28 May, 1970, the last submarine built at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

Photo "4", Mike took on April 17's shoot. The building is now Vacant.

After these photos were taken, Mike returned South to the pier across from the dry docks. He took 15 photos her and later 6 more from the Dry Dock side.

This is the pier and you can see Glacier in the back ground. Sharing the photo platform was AP Photographer
Eric Risberg. His photos and report turned up on many news outlets, like " Alaska Journal of Commerce." The articles describe the struggle to save Glacier from scrapping.

All of Mike's images appear on a VIDEO. On the day of Departure, May 7, 2012, he took several more of the tow proceeding across the bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge. All the photos appear on the VIDEO plus a few that others had taken. Two of his appear on the Departing Web Page.

This image displays the back side the 658, being that of
 USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN 658),

Photo "5" also taken on April 17 shoot, is of USS Crescent, (Golden Bear II),
where she was moored before being towed to Brownsville, Texas on  January 15, 2012.