MARE ISLAND - South Piers

Here is view of the south area, from the air in May 1980.. From left to right: ARD-24, river craft of Special Boat Unit 11 (SBU-11),
USS Kiska (AE-35),
USS Parche (SSN-683), and YM-35 dredging the area.  Mare Island photo.
A long time ago there were warships in RESERVE at these piers as the image below displays on  March 31, 1963.   Navsource

From Right to Left: Unknown Cleveland Class Light Cruiser, USS Vicksburg (CL 86), USS Bremerton (CA 130),
 USS Worcester (CL 144), USS Roanoke (CL 145), USS Tucson (CLAA 98). By Dennis Tyra at Navsource
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This Cruiser photo came to Vern as he posting history of USS Taluga AO-62 where it refueled USS Tucson on 13 June, 1945 while moored in Ulithi Islands.

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