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     2014 was one of my most challenging years. Since November of 2013 have been suffering from knee pain.  Had the right knee replaced on September 3, 2014, and shall get the left knee replaced on the twelfth of January. Is still some pain in the right knee, but it should go away.
     For a very long time have felt that I was drained of energy.  Many times I  force myself to do things.  Some messages have taken over a month to write, which would normally have taken me a day or two to accomplish.
     I use to be a morning person, but now it is difficult to go to sleep early. Now I get up later, sometimes quite a bit later.

     I Had Christmas dinner at my brother Don's place.  I Gave he and his wife two large LED lamps.  In return I received a device in which I can turn things such as apples, carrots, and celery into juice and pulp which might be made into slushes or smothies, a light weight jacket, and several bags of popcorn.
     I do not like taking pills.  Hopefully with the gizmo I can create energy drinks like they have at Jamba Juice and make something better than V8.

     Last December or January I found a small artificial Christmas tree and some ornaments in the apartment complex trash ben.  Salvaged them.  This is the first Christmas tree I have ever had.  Unfortunately the only place I have room for the Christmas tree is in the kitchen of my studio apartment. The bag of aluminum cans in January were taken to a recycler near where I live. 
Photo was taken on December 26.

      On Saturday the third of January took the bag of aluminum cans to  Ranch Town Recycling which is located about two miles southeast of where I live. The place may be closer, but where I live, have to travel North and East before I can travel South, East, and South to the location.
     The facility is fairly large.  I do not like to park inside, it is quite tricky.  Prefer to park outside and carry my bags in.  Watched the opening of the bag and the cans being sent up the conveyer belt where they are taken to a place where they are weighed, and then dumped.  Obtained $34.91 for recycling the bag of aluminum cans.  Will very likely be June or July before I fill up another bag.  Think I had the bag since then.  If I see aluminum cans in the dumpster, I retrieve them, but still the bag fills slowly.
I was able to find time to play with the juicer that my brother gave me for Christmas.  Processed some carrots, celery, cilantro, apples, and the last tomato harvest for 2014. Mixed everything together.
Note how the juice on the left had the ingredients basically staying separate. Drank some of the juice then put the remainder in a gallon container which went in the refrigerator. 
The pulp was used as salad which goes good with blue cheese salad dressing, and also added it to breakfast cereal.
     The Azalea Series rhododendron Gorin Nishiki still has a flower on it, the Vireya Series rhododendron Calavar's flowers have about had it, two flowers are about to open on the azalea Nuccio's Magnificence, and on the ground the vireya Marshall Pierce Madison still is in the bud stage. 
Hopefully 2015 shall be a better year for me than 2014.
     I was a volunteer docent aboard USS Hornet CV-12 from 1998 to 2013. I would like to have visited the heavy cruiser USS San Francisco instead of visiting the Memorial at Lands End in San Francisco.
I still a great interest in military ships being towed to Brownsville.
The aircraft carrier USS Ranger CVA-61, will be towed from Bremerton, Washington
to Brownsville, Texas; like the tow of USS Constellation CVA-64,
 towed by the tug MV Corbin Foss.

     The first stop for the Ranger will likely be in San Pedro, like the Constellation
I viewed Connie from A pier on shore.
     Being a historian, hopefully my left knee will be well enough to take the trip, which hopefully shall be in February, though I would rather see it take it take place in June so I could combine a trip to the San Pedro and Seal Beach area with a trip to Cuyamaca Mountain, Mount Palomar, and the San Jacinto Mountains, so I could combine a historical recording trip with a plant hunting trip. 
     If the voyage is in somewhat late January, will very likely head South. I would like to make the trip some days after the staples are removed.
     There were plans to turn USS Ranger into a naval museum not far from Portland, Oregon, but that plan was scuttled by the government, who also said NO to having USS Forrestal and USS Saratoga as museum ships.  USS Forrestal and USS Saratoga are already in Brownsville. They also said NO to preserving the historic USCGC STORIS  which could have become a museum ship in Juneau, Alaska. The scrapping of USCGC Storis may have been Illegal.