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Mike left Vallejo after the USNS Comet disappeared into the Sacramento River, when he headed West on Highway 37, was slowed by a wreck, then South on 101. Because of tow was on a Saturday, more park visitors were at the bridge.
Mike had to park further south than usual. He parked in a pay lot about two blocks away on Ralston Avenue, arriving there
 at 11:20 after traveling
111.7 miles.
Since there was time before the arrival of USNS Comet, Mike decided to take photographs among the old forts. The map here displays "5" Camera
images on locations he took photos. He started at Battery Godfrey, "Camera No.1", went South then back North and
was on the bridge "Camera No.5", when the ship arrived
 to pass under the
Golden Gate Bridge.

There are two more
Camera positions used
after the ship passed
under the bridge.
Mike traveled South
to take his final
photos for the day.

USNS Comet
August 15, 2015