Olive Garden

Howard Oliver planted Rhododendrons and Comellias in the park  at the location shown right in Los Altos.
He was for the U.S. Geological Survey.

This is a bloom from a planting.

Click for larger view

This data has been provided by
Mike McCullough
An officer in several
Rhododendron Associations.

Here Mike stands by the Howard Oliver plantings.

These two blooms are located on the plants shown below

Howard Oliver when he was alive would quite often bring close to 100 rhododendron trusses  to rhododendron shows,
and would normally win the Sweepstakes Prize, in many areas such as in Los Altos. 

Howard Oliver and his friend Cameron Ainsworth took part in an R. occidentale expeditions to Palomar Mountain State Park, after he took part in a Britt Smith and Frank Mossman plant hunting expedition to Stagecoach Hill and southern Oregon.  He and Cameron Ainsworth discovered R. occidentale AO 1 in the area of Gold Beach, Oregon, R. occidentale AO 2 at Big Basin Redwoods State Park on one of my plant hunting expeditions, and R. occidentale AO 3 at Palomar Mountain State Park.  He planted some Smith / Mossman and some of my R. occidentale discoveries near the Lake Merritt Garden Center in Oakland (now all gone), and some at Red Morton Park in Redwood City (some are still in existence). Missing Howard Oliver

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