Eight Dollar
In the Siskiyou Mountains
of S. W. Oregon

This data has been provided by Mike McCullough
An officer in several Rhododendron Associations.

Mike's discoveries shown here are along the Josephine Creek which empties into the Illinois River. Before this set of photos were taken, Mike had made camp  just NW of the bridge.

Eight Dollar Road road runs west off of Hwy. 199, just north of  Kirby, Oregon
Another article on this area can be found in "The T J Howell Bontanical Drive"

     This bridge photo taken where blue square is on photo above.       
The trail photo was taken going down into Mike's Discoveries Area.

Along the Josephine Creek he found a Rhododendron known as Siskiyou 1307. It's bloom is shown below.

Other Blooms found
here in the spring of 2012

Mothers Garden ->

Siskiyou 1301

Siskiyou 1306

North of Eight Dollar Road
among moist soil surrounded by
 many streamlets
Mike found the Darlingtonia Flowers

Pictured below

, also called the California Pitcher plant, Cobra Lily, or Cobra Plant, is a carnivorous plant, the sole member of the genus Darlingtonia in the family Sarraceniaceae. It is native to Northern California and Oregon, growing in bogs and seeps with cold running water. This plant is designated as uncommon due to its rarity in the field.

Two of Mike's discoveries use to be visible from the road or the trail, but the growth of weeds made them inaccessible.

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