USS Saginaw (LST-1188)

HMAS Kanimbla (LPA-51)
These two "FORMER" U.S. LST's are being towed back to Texas for recycling.
I have created a site for the Saginaw, [ the 2nd ]. The 1st has wonderful history .
Photos are
This is how they are now configured
Their history with Australia is not on this site.
USS Fairfax County LST-1193

HMAS Manoora (LPA-52)


"Salvage Ace" is Huge   -   Her Crew
"Elsbeth II"    -   Her Captain


2 July 2013 ,the Royal Australian Navies former landing platform amphibious class ships KANIMBLA and MANOORA after being decommissioned from the navy and laid up in Sydney for two years were towed from the harbour final destination is texas ,USA for demolition. Kanimbla - L51 ( formerluy USS Fairfax County )   and Manoora - L52 ( formerly USS Saginaw) were purchased from the United States Navy in 1994 and converted in Newcastle NSW from Tank Landing ships to Platform amphibious ships .

Svitzer tug "Woona" towed the vessels to sea one at a time to rendevous with the Taiwanese owned salvage tug "SALVAGE ACE "approximately 6 miles east of Sydney. Here the two former warships were secured to the deep sea tug for the 60 day tow across the Pacific to Panama . The ships will be then handed over to US tugs [being Elsbeth II] for the final leg of their journey to the breakers yard in Texas.   From: