PASS-OFF of LPA-51 and LPA-52
On their LAST VOYAGE - 2013

At 0500 on the 12th of Sept., while anchored off Balboa, Elsbeth Ii, became aware of Salvage Ace's position and proceeded for a rendezvous.
At 0745, the Salvage Ace was anchored.   During the afternoon, Elsbeth Ii took charge of the LPA-51 & 52.

Between 0700 & 0800 Tug Salvage Ace PASSED OFF her tow of LPA-51 and LPA-52 to Elsbeth II, moored to portside.
This is a stern view of the ships.

In the early hours of FRIDAY THE 13TH, Elsbeth II moved with LPA-51 & 52, in closer to Balboa.

"Salvage Ace"
was released from her charter.
She moved to await a possible project to return west into the Pacific.


The Two crew members, pictured left, had been aboard the Salvage Ace. They are employees of  Smith Maritime Co. who had contracted the Taiwan tug to line tow the two navy vessels from Australia. The photo was taken at the Flamenco Boat Landing in Balboa.

Scott Hooper, left, is an ex Navy Corpsman.

Bill Lunt, right is a former Lobsterman from Maine. He operates his own boat during Lobster season.

They recorded happenings of the tandem tow as it progressed across the South Pacific for 74 days.

You can see Scott and Bill in this wheelhouse photo with Capt. Juan Espinosa [Red Cap].

This is a a bow view of
LPA-51 and LPA-52 with Panama City 7 miles in the distance.

This record of Elsbeth II's movements - displays what could be called

On the 13th of September, Elsbeth II took the HMAS KANIMBLE LPA-51 from the Salvage Ace.  On the 14th she alongside the Salvage Ace and took the took HMAS MANOORA LPA-52 away from them so the Salvage Ace could be released from their charter.  Elsbeth II then would prepare for the tandem.  During the day of the 14th, the E2 had to make numerous maneuvers to keep the ships apart and to bring the tug alongside the ships to start rigging them for the canal transit.  It’s a lot more maneuvering with a tandem tow.

The same movements happened when departing the Canal Area on the 23rd of September. See image below.