AO's-145,146,& 148 had a
HAPPY 50th on August 27th 2005
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This was a one day proposal for tanker guys to pass close to the old ships, not board them.
  $125 per person  - Others Pay up to $350 an hour to do this

Captain Pat Moloney; Master of the "SS Jeremiah O'Brien, on Oct. 20, 2003 made the proposal that a joint reunion of the Ancient Oilers and MSCPAC be held  around, Saturday, August 27, 2005 aboard the SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN in San Francisco.  The 50 year old ships involved would be the HASSAYAMPA, KAWISHIWI, PONCHATOULA, commissioned in 1955. There are 11 other tankers  shown on the maps, each has a link to a web page about them. There are also 2 spots on the map where photos have been taken from., click on them.

The game plan would be to board the ship at Fisherman's Wharf Pier 45 at 0800, coffee and doughnuts provided.  Get underway (haze gray too) about 0900, steam up to the mothball fleet (about 3 hours).  Steam around the rows.  As an added treat the outboard ship in "G" is the IOWA.  There will be a BBQ lunch (our passengers love the food), beer, soda, water, etc, then return to Pier 45.  Total about 7 hours.

The whole ship is open, especially the engine room.  We have a swing band on #3 hatch that encourages dancing. For many of the gang it would be a last chance to see our old girls and to get underway again. It's expensive. Some may end up like Neosho, SCRAPPED.

We charge $125 for our bay cruises and $175 for river cruises.  The more folks we can get, the less we can charge. Sound interesting??? TELL VERN

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