The Landing Craft Tank - LCT

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Photos of building the Tank Lighters at Mare Island, California

In the photos below hull sections of LCT's are in place on the building ways and section B-2 of a LCT is being lowered into place early in the morning of 3 October 1942 at Mare Island Navy Yard. All the hull sections are in place on the ways later in the day. By Darryl Baker


Specifications:  Displacement 286 short tons   Length 114' 2" (o.a.)   Beam 32' 8"   Draft 3'   Speed 10 kts.
Range 700 nautical miles at 7 kts.   Complement 13   Cargo Capacity 150 short tons   Armament 1 single 20mm AA gun mount, 2 .50 cal. machine guns   Armor 2 1/2" wheelhouse, 2" gun shield   Propulsion 3 Grey Marine Diesels, 3 propellers, Shaft horsepower 675 per shaft

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