SS Kingsport Victory

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Displacement 4,420 t.(lt) 10,680 t.(fl)
Length 455' 3"  Beam 62'
Draft 29' 6"   Speed 16.5 kts.
Complement 52  Armament none
Propulsion cross compound steam turbine, single screw, 8,500shp

Kingsport is a city in Northeastern Tennessee

Greenville Victory Class Cargo Ship
Laid down, 4 April 1944, as a type (VC2-S-AP2) hull, under  (MCV hull 20), at Calif.
                                                                         Shipbuilding Corp., Los Angeles, CA.)
Launched, 29 May 1944 Completed and delivered to the War Shipping Admin. 12 July 1944,

                        for operation under a GAA contract by American Hawaiian Steamship Co.,
During World War II; SS Kingsport Victory served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.
Returned to the Maritime Commission, 29 September 1947, for
                                                   lay up in the NDRF, James River Group, Lee Hall, VA.
Withdrawn from
NDRF, 8 August 1948, assigned to US Army Transp.Service.
Commissioned USAT Kingsport Victory

Decommissioned by the US Army and acquired by the US Navy, 1 March 1950

Assigned to the (MSTS) and placed in service as USNS Kingsport Victory (T-AK-239)
Willamette Iron & Steel Co. Shipyard at Portland OR., 24 September 1961,
for conversion to a Satellite Communications Ship.

Manned by a civilian crew, Kingsport Victory operated in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean from 1950 until late 1956. Carrying military cargo, she steamed out of New York and Charleston, S.C., to ports in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and North Africa. In addition, she transported supplies from Norfolk, Va., to the Canal Zone and to American bases in the Caribbean.

Loaded with cargo, Kingsport Victory departed Norfolk 13 November 1956 for the Far East. Steaming via the West Coast, she reached Yokohama, Japan, 20 December; and, during the next month, she shuttled supplies to Okinawa, Formosa, and South Vietnam. She departed Saigon for the United States 28 January 1957; reached San Francisco 15 February; and arrived New York 8 March to resume transatlantic cargo service.

Between March 1957 and August 1961 Kingsport Victory maintained a busy schedule for far-ranging cargo runs that sent her from the eastern Mediterranean to the western Pacific. In addition to numerous round-trip voyages between New York and West European ports, she deployed four times to the Mediterranean where she supported ships of the mighty 6th Fleet. Though operating out of New York, she completed eight deployments to the Far East. Her cargo runs sent her to Japan, South Korea, Ftormosa, Hong Kong, and Thailand, as well as to the Marshall and Aleutian Islands. More at "History" link below.

Renamed and redesignated Miscellaneous Auxiliary
USNS Kingsport (T-AG-164),
14 November 1961
Further modified at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, PA.
 from 1 June 1962 to 1 Dec. 1962

Placed out of service and struck from the Naval Register, 31 January 1984

Transferred, 29 August 1984, to   (MARAD) for lay up in the NDRF James River Group, Lee Hall, VA.

Final Disposition, transferred to the US Navy, Military Sealift Command for scientific research, 1 March 1990

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23, Aug 1963 – The first satellite communications ship, USNS Kingsport (T-AG 164) in Lagos, Nigeria, connected
President John F. Kennedy with Nigerian Prime Minister Balewa who was aboard for the
FIRST satellite (Syncom II) relayed telephone conversation between heads of state.

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