USNS KAWISHIWI T-AO-146 making her 4000th UNREP
under MSC with a carrier, USS Ranger CVA-61 in 1990


See more Ranger photos and Kawishiwi from
Ranger in the 60's

Lia A. Burris ET1 (SW) retired describes photo below:
"I like this picture because it has the emergency breakaway rules on a big sign. They verbally repeat these rules at the beginning of each unrep so the ships do not dump the hoses while pumping is going on. It takes 3 hours to untangle the hoses so that pumping can begin again."  She remembers a Break Away Song "Oh Yeah" being used.

While Lia was on board they only broke away 2 times. Break Away signs are located near the bridge. The only change from the old rules are that the oiler will retrieve her hoses and then on her signal, release the span wire (because the new rigs are all Hydraulically tensioned). They have special quick release couplings. The Hoses are bigger, heavier, pump faster and need to be pulled back before the span wire is released or they may drop in the water and wrap around the screws and cause a serious collision.

Here is a couple of good USS Ranger pictures. I was afraid to take too many pictures of the Ranger.
Now I feel I have hardly any. It is sad because we were along side that carrier a lot in San Diego.

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