USNS KAWISHIWI T-AO-146 In San Diego;  1989-90

Two images by Captain Patrick Moloney


by: Lia A. Burris ET1 (SW) retired.

 I took this Photo with a the wide disposable kodak camera. We were down town San Diego at the supply pier right next to the big civilian cruise ships. They berthed the visiting NATO ships on the berth the other side of the Supply building. There was a little park we ran in right next to the Fisherman's Village. They have restaurants and a merry-go-round. We use to walk right up the street to the downtown area. Lia

Revised - Feb. 2009
The Kawishiwi was berthed in this picture right where the USS Midway is now. We refueled her coming from Hawaii back to San Diego. It is right Downtown. Visiting ships pull in on the other side. It is like the primo place for them to berth because they have access to all that San Diego has to offer and are only blocks from the metro train station. They can go all the way To Tijuana from here on the train which they can walk to.

This was our normal berth unless we were loading up with fuel. This was our supply load station. They had these cranes and plenty of space on the pier for the food stuffs and cargo. We used the public train to get to the Navy Base.  I use to love to run in the park there and visit Seaport village even with some of the homeless hanging around. They have art shows in the park there sometimes. Lia

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