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Editors are
Ens. Dick Layton and Ray Serna with the help of  Robert Reemesnyder, Thomas Miller, Don Smith,  Steve  Blasdell, Wally Payne, Frid Jaramillo,  Dave Korenke,  Fred Hess and Dave Kappes.
Ray Serna was the staff photographer.
Cruise book  1972
USS Kawishiwi AO-146
Commanding Officers
... ..
..This Book is deticated to the principles which
further brotherhood in the hope that one day
all men will love one another.

also, to the entire crew of KAWISHIWI
without whom the "Special K" would
never have made it!

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Ships Roster
Home Port  Dry dock....Hawaii Story

Hong Kong.    Singapore
Japan   .Philippines

Ships along Side

Marathon     Badger

Her Majesties Ships
Chicoutimi   Kootenay

Scuba Diving           Personnel Transfer  
Photos at Sea
This book documents KAWISHIWI's seventeenth deployment off the coast of Southeast Asia from Janurary  to October in 1972. Since many naval ships were required to stay at sea for thirty days or more patroling off the coast of Vietnam, they relied heavily on service force ships like the KAWISHIWI for fuel and supplies. The highly specialized evolution of underway replenishment (UNREP) can be carried out during the daylight hours or under the cover of night.

While steaming alongside one, and sometimes two other sjips, KAWISHIWI has transfered dry cargo, mail, passengers, food provisions and even ammunition. After 256 days of deployment, the "Special K" and her crew had steamed 47,700 miles, "UNREPED" 234 SHIPS and transferred 46 million gallons of fuel, 225 tons of fleet freight and 31 tons of mail.

Although we spent 103 days in the combat zone of Vietnam coast, we also spent 100 days inport sightseeing, drinking SAN MIGUEL beer, and repairing and reloading the ship.

Commanding Officer
O.J. Bilderback

Executive Officer
Peter K. Fitzwilliam..
Commanding over 280 Personnel


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