Our First Year Out
USS Kawishiwi  AO-146

A few days after Thanksgiving and under the command of Captain Joseph B. Swain, the Kawishiwi left Philadelphia for the last time. She stopped a short time in Norfolk and continued toward the  Panama Canal. Kawishiwi passed though the canal zone around 1 December, 1955 and entered the Pacific Ocean for the first time. She arrived at home port Long Beach 8 December for shakedown training.

Upon completion of the training, she departed Long Beach 25 April 1956 to replenish ships of the 7th Fleet. On leaving for Pearl Harbor for the first time, the ship came upon a man and woman in a boat. They were adrift and lost at sea. Having them picked up they continued to Pearl Harbor. Plan of the Day, 7 September.
Kawishiwi remained in the Far East on refueling operations until returning to Long Beach 10 October.

The 2nd commanding officer was Captain Earl T. Hydeman, a WWII submarine War Patrol Commander.

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On returning to San Pedro Harbor from the Far East, Kawishiwi tied up to its designated pier. However the tug that was pushing her to the pier got in the wrong position at the stern. The tug became entangled with Kawishiwi 's screws and was actually sunk. The tugs crew made it away safely.

After being in dry dock in Long Beach for some time having the screw repaired, the
Kawishiwi entered San Pedro Harbor again, but while shifting oil from one tank to another, she dumped several tons of oil into the local marina. Kawishiwi   then left for Hawaii, leaving many yacht owners very upset.

In Hawaii in 1956, Kawishiwi came under the command of Capt. Earl T. Hydeman. During 1957 the oiler divided the year into refueling duties in the Far East and operations out of Long Beach. Kawishiwi arrived Pearl Harbor, her new home port, 21 January 1958,

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