Bryon Reynolds
Honorary Member
Kawishiwi Reunion Association

Son of   1969 Retired
Lt Commander Reynolds

Played on USS Kawishiwi AO146's
1960 young peoples baseball team.

Following is Bryon's history

My father was a 30 year Navy man, retiring in 1969 as Lt Commander. Thru my younger years he had his share of "sea duty" at outposts where the family couldn't go.......but sea duties became less in later years.
In 1957 (he at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and the family living in nearby Levittown, Pa) he got orders to Pearl Harbor. We were there in Pearl Harbor (actually naval housing called Radford Terrace) thru Aug of '60. It was that summer of 1960 that we enjoyed playing 13-15 year old Babe Ruth League Baseball on a team called the "Kawishiwi Beavers". We played our games at "Ward Field" on Pearl Harbor. I'm advised the field still stands today.
A few of us from that Kawishiwi Beavers team were selected  to play on a Babe Ruth League All Star team that summer of '60.....playing against other such teams from around Hawaii, playing for the state championship. We won that State Championship that August of '60.....and our all star team went off to Utah to play in the National Championships where we finished second losing the title game 4-3.
Though our team-mates returned to father already had his transfer orders to the Boston Naval Yard. So, our family continued east from Utah. We settled in Marlborough, Massachusetts. While there, my father got his final "sea duty orders" to report to the aircraft carrier "Ranger". Beyond that (after I was out of high school) he was transferred to the Philadelphia Naval Yard around 1965.....and was fortunate enough to get yet another transfer to Hawaii in 1967 (this time stationed at Kaneohe). By that time my Mom and Dad were pretty much on their own with us kids (3 of us) out there in the world on our own.
So, that's a quick trip thru the Reynolds' family's military coming's and going's..........and how I came to be associated with the Kawishiwi name
I know for sure (besides that 1960 baseball season playing for the Kawishiwi sponsored Babe Ruth League team) the Kawishiwi sponsored that team in 1959 as well although I wasn't on the team that year.
I have in the past year located some other boyhood friends from our time in Hawaii.....a few of those who also played for the Kawishiwi sponsored Babe Ruth League team with me.
With a little time on my hands last week I decided to "punch in" the Kawishiwi name on the computer to see if by chance the ship may have a mention somewhere.....and wondering if it might still be "a-float" out there. Robert Taylor, who apparently is involved in "crew reunions" of the Kawishiwi was prompt to respond to my e-mail. Imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to learn he was a crew member on the Kawishiwi right there in Hawaii during the very time the ship was sponsoring our Babe Ruth League team play that summer of '60!! He also mentioned having seen us play a few games at that time!!
My, my......what wonderfully interesting discovers this computer age can lead us to
My father passed away in May of last year and is among those to find their final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery.
Byron Reynolds
Marlborough, Ma
Jan 19, 2004  8am

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