The reunion was held from:
 September 7th thru 10th

It turned out to be the hottest week of the year; with 80's every day.

HOSPITALITY ROOM IS behind this link

Each event was numbered and described
in a program handout with a MAP showing
their location. - CLICK THE EVENT NUMBERS
Transportation was by carpool,
only one car was late because they were lost.

On the same day of arrival
Wayne Jones & Pat Winston
Sleep Over Night
aboard the Destroyer
Turner Joy DD-951

They each had separate rooms
and they have stories to tell. :)

In the following days, several persons
toured the ship;
once fueled by Kawishiwi


The First National Kawishiwi  Reunion was held in
Golden Colorado on September 9, 1994
The 4 couples below were there and have attended many more.

Terry Baker Wayne Schuldt Marvin Hladky Dan Kramer
Dayna Baker Lois Schuldt Pat Hladky Lois Kramer
BM2 1965-1967
MM3 1964-1965 SM3 1964-1966 BM3 1964-1966
See the Similarity? They were all on very memorable 1964 or 1965 Cruises, off Vietnam.

No.1 - Golden, CO 1994
No.2 - Golden, CO 1995
No.3 - San Diego, CA 1996
No.4 - Corsicana, TX 1997
No.5 - Oklahoma City, OK 1998
No.6 - Omaha, NE 1999
No.7 - Manitowoc, WI 2000
No.8 - Monroeville, PA 2001
No.9 - Hutchinson, KS 2002
No.10 - Boulder City, NV 2003
No.11 - Mobile, AL 2004
No.12 - San Francisco, CA 2005
No.13 - Springfield, IL 2006
No. 14 - Branson, MO 2007
No. 15 - Mobile, AL 2008
No.16 - Peabody, MA 2009
No.17 - NO REUNION 2010
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No.18 - Bremerton, WA 2011