James A. Kilpatrick

Supply Officer; 1972-1974

On the 2011 reunion committee,
Jim arranged for the
reunion catered food.

Jim on SS Jeremiah O'Brien 2005 Cruise

I did a midshipmen cruise in 1964 out of Newport on an early Forrest Sherman Destroyer: USS Barry DD-933 (sister ship of USS Turner Joy DD-951) now in Bremerton .  We were one of the Gemini recovery ships and I was signaled out because I have a rather usual blood type that is the same as the astronaut's.  I'm sure I would have been shark bait if he needed blood.  A third class midshipmen is lower than the bilge and certainly expendable.  The space capsule landed many miles from us so all we had was a special postal cancellation on our outgoing mail to remember the occasion.  I still have the postcard I mailed to my mother so many years ago.

Jim and JoAnn - 2005 Reunion

Jim and JoAnn - 2011 Reunion

Jim and JoAnn guests were Bruce and Sue Hunt. The 4 had been on a cruise before the reunion.

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