Capt. F.T. Cooper, USN

Captain Cooper assumed command of 
USS Kawishiwi AO-146

 on 9 August,1962

In the 1962 Cruise Book he wrote

This book is a story of the lighter side of the deployment of KAWISHIWI to the Seventh Fleet during the period September 1962 to February 1963
Not told in these pages is the vital role that KAWISHIWI, and other units of the Pacific Fleet, are playing in the power struggle between the Free World and the Communistic Block.  The presence of ships of the United States Navy in the Western Pacific gives comforting assurance to our allies and the uncommited nations that our country is solemnly dedicated to preserving the freedoms to which we believe all men are entitled.  Furthermore, they serve as a constant reminder to all countries, who would threaten the values we treasure, that we possess the strength and determination to fight, if necessary, for our ideals.

It is a privilege and an honor for us to serve our country as a part of the greatest Navy in the world.  How well we have done is measured by the reputation which KAWISHIWI has established.

I commend each of you for the personal sacrifice you have made during the long absence from your families and friends, and for your professional performance of duty during this deployment.

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