My memory of the 3 CO's I served under on the KAWISHIWI.

 Captain Harry A. Seymour was a real fine  sailor.   He was  Intelligent, aggressive, but obsessed with his authority.  He even had an orderly posted outside his stateroom door.,  If you needed to see him on business the orderly would have to check with the Captain and introduce you.  Each Department was required to provide a sailor for orderly duty on a rotating basis.  He liked to take his junior officers on liberty with him and we ususally had only a few minutes notice.  One of his stewards would bring you a hand  written note on the CO's personal note cards advising you that you should meet the CO on the quarterdeck at a specific time, in civilian clothes ,for liberty.  As the Supply Officer I was always  busy when in port and this was often an inconvenience.  However, he was the CO.

Captain  Lloyd Vasey was the next CO and he was just the opposite of  Seymour.  He was quiet, introspective and a very cautious sailor.  He left instructions on the bridge that whenever another ship was on the radar he was to be advised immediately.  Since oilers  steamed alone it was not often that any ship would appear on the radar.  In this event he would come to all stop until the ship vanished from radar. And this would occur in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, in the wild world of the U.S. Navy he made Admiral several years later.  We won the Ney award in 1962 as the best feeding ship in the whole U.S. Navy.  I suppose that helped him  to his Admiralty.

Captain F.T. Cooper was the next Co and he was an avid surfer.  A real good sportsman in every way.  Great to work for and a real gentleman. 

Nuff said. Some day later I will  write about other great people on the AO-146:  LCDR Charlie Dallas-Engineer/BOSUN Lydon/Chief LawlerSKC/. 

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