USS Kawishiwi - AO-146  

May 19 - June 14, 1966

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Hong Kong,

By Captain  Melvin J. Carpenter  USN

Page 134
  May 19-20; Off Cam Rahn Bay. Looks like Typhoon clearing up.
Com 7th Fleet has ordered USS Chipola AO-63 to
USS Chemung AO-30 & USS Platte AO-24 to consolidate.

Page 135
May 21-26; Into Subic - anchored out in heavy rain. To fuel pier and stayed until underway for Kaohsiung on 23rd. Heavy seas between Luzon and Taiwan.
Anchored 1 mi. of breakwater.

Page 136
May 27-28; Took 15 men $100 & canned juices to
(KSO-YING)  Sacred Heart  Kindergarten.  Almost lost boat in heavy weather.
Met Ranger Group East of Taiwan.
May 29; On 19th Parallel at tip of Luzon with seas of 15 to 20 feet
& wind about 40 knots. Typhoon Judy is north, winds built up to 80 knots - wind vane broke, had to shut radar off.

Page 137
May 30; Working along 18th - sun and good weather.
May 31; USS Sacramento AOE-1 along side, what a monster -
130 some feet longer than us, but her crew did not work well. :)

Page 138
  Jun 1; Sacramento - gave 23 passengers by helo plus a doctor we are
to take to USS Fiske DD-842 for emergency operatrion.
Good timing; we had man with accute appendicitis.
Steam slow to keep ship ride smooth for operations.

Page 139
June 2 -14; Proceeded to Subic,  USS Oklahoma City CLG-5   shifted flag
 to Kawishiwi on the 4th. Arrived at Hong Kong on the 9th.
It rained the entire five days. No photo record for us.
Headed to Yankee Station.