Andrew (Andy) Bullions
Lieutenant in Engineering
1967-1969 on USS Kawishiwi AO-146

1070-1971 on USS Granville S. Hall YAG-40
1971 -1972 back on Kawishiwi

Kawishiwi Roster in 1972

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Andy is a proud 2006 Grandfather
He has the pleasure of Baptizing them too.
2005 - San Francisco, California
2006 - Springfiled, Illinois

The first contact in 2003

Good to hear from you. 

I got into the old closet this morning and looked at my cruise books. I have a cruise book for AO-146 for the 69-70 cruise and for the 72 cruise but I do not have a 68 cruise book. Sorry.In the foggyness of my memory I think something happened with those books that we didn't get them.  I believe I have some photographs of the 68 cruise around here somewhere and some 8mm movies from the 72. I'll get back to you.

I served on the Kawishiwi twice. I went back to her in 1971 and was chief engineer from August 71 to October 72 when I was released from active duty. I joined the reserves and retired in 92 as a Commander.

My wife and I are both from western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. We have been in SC since 1974 when I took a job with Michelin Tire. I ran the steam plant at Michelin US1 in Greenville for five years. Then Bailey Controls for nine years, then Foxboro for three, then a manufacturers rep. then about four years trying to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up.

I am now a part-time local pastor with the United Methodist Church and pastor two small churches in upstate South Carolina, the Anderson area. I have really enjoyed the website and wish I could be at the reunion. The one chuch I pastor is having its 50th anniversary celebration that weekend and I need to be there.

Regina, my wife of 38 years, has just retired from teaching. We have two sons, Scott and Todd, both born while I was serving on AO-146. Scott lives nearby with his wife and we see them almost daily. Todd, our youngest, has a PhD in materials sciences and is on the research faculty of Virginia Tech.

I enjoyed looking over the names of the fellows I served with.I was filled with good memories. It has been a long time. The boys are now old men.

Andy remembers a broken Leg:

In a letter from the captain to familes at home, it was mentioned that FA Gerald R. Bradshaw was knocked overboard and suffered a broken leg.  See: Year-Book/70/Letter1.html

Andy wrote:
"Thanks for sharing that letter from Capt. Myers. I left the ship on Thanksgiving 69 and never saw that letter. I remember the Bradshaw incident well as I was standing next to him when the refueling rig pulled away. I was his division officer and was within inches of going overboard with him as were a couple of others. There were hoses, line, and span wire flying everywhere. Nobody ever bothered letting telling me or anyone in the division where he finally ended up. I do know that the guys on the bridge did a fine job in getting him recovered. We were too busy at No. 5 refueling station getting everything pulled back aboard and repaired. Treadway was a great signalman and petty officer.I have often wondered what happened to him as he was a good sailor. Does anyone know? 
Andy 7-3-04

USS Granville S. Hall YAG-40 
I was assigned to the Granville Hall YAG-40 as engineer officer during the Apollo 13 emergency. We were in America Samoa on a research mission when the explosion on Apollo 13 occurred and were ordered to somewhere to the north west of Samoa as secondary recovery vessel. We could only do 12 knots, pedal to the metal, which is a little under 300 miles per day. Our journey took about 50+ hours if I remember correctly. We never even saw a contrail as it passed over.Everyone did their job and all that old WW 2 reciprocating machinery held together.Our bakers had baked a welcome aboard cake for the astronauts which we all enjoyed after our possible guests never showed up.
Andy 3-4-09

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