Attention Crew Members
This "bare aluminum" emblem has been sold to Capt. James Campbell
through the Web Auction held from Dec. 4 - Dec. 24th
see the Auction story

This image taken on my scanner is the approximate size, if you monitor is set at 800 x 600 pixels,
9.25 in. wide and 8.75 in. high. The reverse side is shown below.

Captain Campbell bid $250.00 which will be paid to Dick Elmore for our reunion funds.
He will make it available for copying in some format for others who may want a copy,
if there is sufficient interest. Three want a copy so far.

Tom Antonishak can get prices of casting it in bronze and/or resin.  He said it would done at cost,
although the bronze ones would be a lot more.  We may have to have a minimum order to make it
feasible but I don't think it would be too great a number, perhaps 6 or more.
If it's bronze, it would take 10-14 weeks to mold and cast.  Resin would be less time.
Resin takes the place of plaster-of-paris and can be painted.

See Types envisioned 

Back side of Plaque

The plaque is my hands now. On Dec.23rd Vern met Drew Andrews at SEATAC airport where he
gave me the plaque. He was visiting his daughter. He plans on attending the 2003 Reunion.