USS Kansas City AOR-3
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AOR (Replenishment Oiler) to Exist.
After the Voyage to Brownsville

A Wichita Class Replenishment Oiler:

Laid down: 18 April 1968, at General Dynamics Corp., Quincy, MA.
Commissioned: 6 June 1970   Decommissioned: 7 October 1994
Laid up: in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay, Benecia, CA.

Displacement:  14,048 t.(lt)  Length: 659'   Beam: 96'   Draft: 37' (max.)
Speed: 20 kts.  Complement:  Officers 34   Enlisted 463
Armament: [2] Phalanx (CIWS)  [1] Sparrow (NSSMS)
Aircraft: [2] CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters
Propulsion:  [3] Boilers [2] steam turbines twin propellers, 32,000shp

PHOTOS:  WEB-CAM - Vallejo News - PANAMA    

USS Kansas City AOR-3 was checked in at ALL STAR METALS.

Photos of Kansas City can be seen on the USS Mount Hood AE-29 page, taken as she passed 3 days later.


This STORM dumped
a lot of rain on
California, Arizona
and Nevada, causing a lot of flooding.

Tug Rachel has had

more sea time off the
coast of Baha California
than she afford.

She had winds to contend with on the way to Hawaii and in port at Pearl Harbor
just weeks prior
to this tow.

The reverse course
started on
August 21st.

Back tracking at
about 3.5 knots.
They reached the
San Diego area
on the 25th.

Staying out of the
way, they looped
down towards
Ensenada and back
up to Rosarito.

On the 27th they
resumed the tow
route at
5.9 knots.

The white dots
display the resumed

On a side note:
Tug Elsbeth III
passed Rachel
in the early morning hours of the 28th,
being 75 miles west,
on her way to
San Francisco to
pick up
USS Mount Hood AE-29

Departure in San Francisco