Displacement 9,430 t.(lt) 17,000 t.(fl)   Length 529' 4"   Beam 73' 4"   Draft 26' (max)   Speed 19.2 kts.
Complement:   Officers 53   Enlisted 1,244  
Armament : [4] single 5"/38 cal dual purpose gun mounts, [4] twin 40mm AA gun mounts
Propulsion : [2] Los Angeles Shipbuilding turbines, [4] Babcock and Wilcox 3-drum boilers,
Double De Laval Main Reduction Gears; [6] turbo-drive 750Kw 450V A.C. Generators


---  Future AR-8

The Navy's only
Heavy Hull Repair Ship (ARH)

Her appearance was essentially
identical to her repair ship (AR) sisters.

Launched, 3 April 1943  by
Los Angeles Shipbuilding
and Drydock Co.,
San Pedro, CA.

Assigned to Pacific - WWII
Redesigned AR-8; 9 Sept. 1957
Decommissioned 1995
Laid up in Suisun Bay.
Recycled in 2007


Commanded ship Argo on the famous
voyage in quest of the
Golden Fleece.

The Jason
was a Service Squadron Flagship.

For 7 months at Ulithi, as American forces captured island after island from the Japanese, Jason, many times under enemy attack, repaired broken hulls, buckled decks and twisted bulkheads of every type of ship in the Navy. This floating shipyard turned seemingly hopeless battle wrecks into rejuvenated fighting ships again able to stand out gallantly in the final victorious months. As the action crept closer to Japan, Jason sailed for Leyte arriving there 28 May 1945. She remained there for the duration of the war continuing to service ships of the Pacific Fleet.

Two Berth locations in Ulithi Atoll
No.101 and  No. 26 in Area "B"
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This page was deemed necessary when posting the History of USS Yaluga  AO-62 encounter the need for her repair.
Taluga moored with Jason in berth #101 on 25 April, 1945 for repairs after a "ZEKE" crashed into her at "OKINAWA".
While following ships being towed to Brownsville I bumped into Photographer Mike McCullough and the word "JASON"


RECYCLING - Brownsville, Texas

Courtesy of Doug Karr BT 1966 to 1970

Courtesy of Mike McCullough
USS Hector AR-7    -   A SISTER SHIP

Displacement 9,430 t.(lt), 16,200 t.(fl)  Length 529' 5"  Beam 73' 4"  Draft 26' (max)  
Complement  Officers 65 Enlisted 1,043 Largest Boom Capacity 20 t. Speed 19.2 kts.
Armament [4] single 5"/38 cal dual purpose gun mnts, [4] twin 40mm AA gun mnts
Propulsion  [2] Allis Chalmers steam turbines [4] Babcock & Wilcox 3-drum boilers,
Double Falk Main Reduction Gears [6] trubo-drive 750Kw 450V A.C  Generators

USS Jason can be seen in Row "K" of the Suisun Bay Fleet in 2005

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