USS Jamestown APG-3

Tending PT boats at the New York Navy Yard on 11 October 1941 (PT-37 is in the lower right).
Jamestown is unarmed and has few visibile military fittings.

Jamestown, Va., is the earliest permanent settlement established by Englishmen in North America. 
Motor Torpedo Boat Tender: 

  • Built in 1928 as the steel-hulled yacht Savarona at Pusey and Jones Corp., Wilmington DE
  • Renamed Alder in 1929
  • Acquired by the Navy 6 December 1940 at New York, NY
  • Converted to a Patrol Gunboat at the Fletcher Division Shipyard, Bethlehem Steel Corp., Hoboken, NJ
  • Commissioned USS Jamestown (PG-55), 26 May 1941
  • Reclassified as a Motor Torpedo Boat Tender, AGP-3, 13 January 1943
  • Decommissioned 6 March 1946 at San Francisco, CA
  • Transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal 4 September 1946
  • Sold 16 December 1946 to Belfour and Gutrie and Co., Ltd.

  • Displacement 1,922 t. (fl)  Length 267'   Beam 35' 4" Draft 17'
  • Speed 16 kts.   Complement 139
  • Armament: [2] 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts
  • Propulsion: [2] 1,500shp Cooper-Bessemer diesel engines, [2] shafts.

    Moored to a buoy, probably after completion of the overhaul she received at San Pedro, Calif. between February and July 1944. During this overhaul six 20mm AA guns, visible in the photo, were added to her armament. She is wearing camouflage Measure 31 Design 11P, which was designed for her in June 1944.

    Music by TIM BARRON SM3 1968-70 USS Kawishiwi AO-146