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International Shipbreaking Ltd. is planning a ceremony at Isla Blanca Park for veterans who served on the carrier,
which was commissioned in 1959 and decommissioned in 1998.
The company is holding the ceremony in response to feedback from numerous veterans of other carriers
that have come to Brownsville, who felt a tribute of some sort should take place.
The Independence will be the fifth Navy "supercarrier" to arrive at the port for scrapping.

"INDY" arrived off shore on the 31st where Dino Chouest handed her off to tug Signet Thunder.
The new train then traveled into the channel on June 1st.

Robert Berry, vice president of International Shipbreaking Ltd., part of the EMR Group, which won the Navy contract to dismantle the ship, said parking is always an issue when a carrier comes in, so people should arrive early.

Last Voyage

After Celebration
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5/31/17 1000 hrs. Position as shown on WORK MAP  Wind S.E.S. 10 mph
                                                                     I had to rework my information :(
6/01/17 0500 hrs. The Handoff tug, "Signet Thunder" arrived at Tanker
                                  "Condor Trader" 7 miles straight off Channel Entrance.
6/01/17 0600 hrs. "Signet Thunder" met up with with "Dino Chouest" and
                                  THE HANDOFF OF USS INDEPENDENCE CV-62 WAS MADE.
6/01/17 0630 hrs.
"Dino Chouest" and Departed to N. W.
                0830 hrs. "Signet Thunder" holding "INDY" 10 miles off channel.
                1313 hrs. Signet Thunder, with 2 assist tugs, entered the canal
                                with "INDY" in tow at 1:13 p.m. See First Photo Link.
                1630 hrs. At 5:15 p.m. Signet Challenger and Signet Arcturus
All time is PST       pushed INDY into International's dismantling slip.
                                  Signet Thunder & Signet Magic had completed their lead.
Much more data will appear in following days. GOT TO SLEEP :)
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6/26/17 0600 hrs 25 days ago, Indy was pushed into her dismantling slip. She is a big ship and
                                          it takes a long time to inspect all her many spaces for conditions that make it
                                          unsafe for workers to start working. The TORCH HAS NOT YET BEEN LIT. 
7/06/17 0600 hrs I have word that some parts of Indy have beem removed.
                                                "Photos Will be coming"