USS Holland AS-32 - Submarine Tender   -   
BAY DEPARTURE July 28, 2013


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At 5:00 a.m., both Vern and I sat at our computers and watched the silent drama unfold on's  WebCam.

Before the day was out, I had taken 211 photos and driven 178.6 miles, circumnavigating San Francisco Bay.

Why so far, I had also traveled to Vallejo to take photos of the  Dec. 7 1941 Pearl Harbor veteran MV HOGA which had also just departed dry dock with a new paint job.
I set up base at a place where I could get a good view. Brought along Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and some provisions. In reguards to the provisions since I previously ate the berry pies, I replaced them with Safeway Kitchens Apple Fruit Pie and Chocolae Cream Pie. I then went to my favorite place for taking photos from the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Through the murk I photographed MV simone and USS Holland. You can see why Navy ships are painted GRAY.
Here you see assisting tugs Sagittarian and Orion break off and returning home.

In manuvering up to the bridge, course changes are required.
You can see MV Simone struggle to do so. The Holland is still travling on a more starboard course.

On approching the Golden Gate Bridge, USS Holland AS-32 is following like the good lady she is.

MV Simone heads under the bridge.

The Holland is poised behind Simone

USS Holland's bow headed under the Goldend Gate Bridge at 9:49 a.m.

 I had intended to proceed west of the bridge to Battery Boutelle for photos of tow as it headed out into the Pacific, but my way was blocked.  So I headed North on Highway 101 to head east to Vallejo for photo of USS Hoga YT-146.

Thanks for your attention