WWII Images of  USS HOGA  YT-146

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 - USS Nevada (BB 36) beached and burning after being hit forward by Japanese bombs and torpedoes.
 Her pilothouse area is discolored by fires in that vicinity.
The harbor tug Hoga (YT 146) is alongside Nevada's port bow, helping to fight fires on the battleship's forecastle.
Note channel marker buoy against Nevada's starboard side.

Hoga pushes the sinking USS Nevada to safety in soft sand.

"08 June 1942 - USS Fulton (AS 11) docks at Pearl Harbor on 8 June 1942 with USS Yorktown (CV 5) survivors on board, after the Battle of Midway.
Among the tugs assisting Fulton are Hoga (YT 146) and Nokomis (YT 142)."

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