USS Hewell AG-145

Hewell:  An island off the coast of Maine.
Camano Class Light Cargo Ship:
Laid down as FS-391 for the US Army at United States Concrete Pipe Corp., Los Angeles, CA.
Delivered to the US Army Transportation Service, circa April-December 1944. Acquired by the US Navy, 2 February 1948.
Commissioned Miscellaneous Auxiliary USS Hewell (AG-145), 5 June 1948. Reclassified [AKL-14] 9 June 1949.
Decommissioned, 15 March 1955 at Astoria, OR after serving in the Korean War.
Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet, Columbia River Group, Astoria and struck from the Naval Register, 1 November 1959.
Final Disposition, sold, 2 June 1960, to Steve Pickard, scrapped at Lake Union, Seattle, circa 1973.

Specifications:   Displacement 500 t.(lt)   Length 176'   Beam 32'   Draft 14'   Speed 13 kts.
Armament [2] 50 cal. machine guns, [1] each port and starboard on flying bridge.  Complement 26
Propulsion [2] 500hp GM Cleveland Division 6-278A 6-cyl V6 diesel engines, twin screws.

The stern view of USS Hewell (AKL-14), right; was taken after the addition of the 8 bunk "Penthouse" on the stern circa late-1953 - early 1954. When Hewell was built this deck area contained a 40mm AA gun mount which had been removed when the Navy acquired the ship. During cruises to the Pacific islands in 1950-51 there was a makeshift quarters with a tarp as a cover. The "penthouse" was added while in dry dock at Pearl Harbor in September/October 1951.

USS Hewell (AKL-14) moored pierside at Pearl Harbor, in June 1949 shortly after her designation was changed to Light Cargo Ship AKL. Note at the bow where the hull number was changed from 145 to 14.

All photos on this page came from Navsource and are contributed by Willard Adams
USS Hewell October 1951 and April 1953 --- Radioman: USS Camano AKL1, USS Hewell AKL14.
See: Willard's VIDEO;  or his October 2012 copy of Sea Classics or his recall of their USS Missouri encounter.
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Mr. Robert's

Photograph, left is of USS Hewell (AKL-14) during the filminig of the motion picture "Mr. Roberts". Crew members each recieved a check for $200.00 for being in the movie, All crew members also received a lighter with Hewell on one side and Mr. Roberts on the other. The lighters were given to the crew by the Director of the movie, John Ford.

John Wayne purchased the USS YMS -328 which was built just a couple miles west (in Ballard, WA.) from where USS Hewell was recycled in Lake Union, Seattle, WA.

The man diving off the bridge is 21 year old Patrick Wayne, son of John Wayne.

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