USNS Henry Eckford  T-AO-192  -  LAST VOYAGE
The 191 and 192 were the only units of the 18 ship Henry J. Kaiser Class ; not to be completed.

Towed Henry Eckford
from the
James River Reserve Fleet
International Shipbreaking Limited
 in Brownsville, Texas

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Henry J. Kaiser Class Fleet Oiler:
Laid down, 22 Jan. 1987, at Pennsylvania Shipbuilding, Chester, PA.   Launched, 22 July 1989
Contract canceled 31 Aug. 1989    Towed to Naval Shipyard Philadelphia, PA., 27 October 1989
New contract awarded, 16 Nov. 1989, to Tampa Shipbuilding.  Canceled 15 August 1993 when 84% complete.
Title transfer to MARAD, 2 Feb. 1998, for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, James River, Lee Hall, VA.
Withdrawn from reserve, 19 July 2011, towed to Brownsville, TX. where she was dismantled.

Displacement 9,500 t.(lt) 42,382 t.(fl)     Length 677'    Beam 97' 5"    Draft 35' (max.)    Speed 20 kts.
Armament none      Aircraft helicopter platform only       Cargo Capacity 178,000 bbls
Complement: Civilian Mariners - 18 Officers, 64 Merchant Seamen. Navy - 1 Officer, 20 Enlisted
Propulsion [2] medium speed Colt-Pielstick PC4-2/2 10V-570 diesel engines, twin shafts, 16,000 hp per shaft

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James River Nest on July 19, 2011 - L/R   AG-94    AO-191   AO-192

Highway 258 bridge at Newport News

Henry Eckford under tow by Tug Rachel along Florida Coast

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