USS Hassayampa  AO-145

Not under USN anymore, notice different Stack paint and NO guns. She was being operated by civilians under MSC.   At U.S. Naval Station, Subic Bay, Philippines; An aerial view of a portion of the naval station, showing some of the damage caused by the volcanic ash that fell following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

When USS Hassayampa (AO-145) was decommissioned on November 17th, 1978 she was transferred to the Military Sealift Command and began her life as USNS Hassayampa T-AO-145. View two ship area change plans below.

During her conversion to "civilian" duty the Hass was disarmed, de-militarized, modernized and given the distinctive blue and yellow stripes on her stack.  Berthing spaces were converted to 2 person staterooms.  The forward 3"-50's and the old 5"-38 mount base were replaced by a VERTREP station.  A boxy structure was placed on the 02 & 03 levels aft to provide staterooms for the civilian crew.  "Officers Country" became berthing for the US Navy personnel and included staterooms for the women assigned to her. ("They were lumpy sailors or seamen; you had to look right through them, and treat them like anybody else.  That's equal opportunity." - Capt Pat Moloney)

After conversion, the Hassayampa, under the command of US Maritime Service Captain Gottfried C. Krull, embarked on a distinguished 12 1/2 year career serving the needs of the Navy around the world, including participation in Operation Desert Storm .  While her physical appearance may have changed, her spirit did not..
USNS Hassayampa (TAO-145) 23 September 1991

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