USS Missouri BB-63
Alongside USNS Hassayampa T-AO145 in 1987
Cruising in Indian Ocean with Battlegroup Ranger/Missouri

The IOWA's had a neat thing you could do with the rudders.  The inboard propellers had the shafts protected by deadwood all the way back to the prop.  There was no shaft visible unlike the outboard wheels.  You could put the rudders in local control and on command from the bridge turn them both inboard, blocking the waterflow between the deadwood.  One of the SF pilots had been a navy pilot in his mis-spent youth and witnessed it during trials on the NEW JERSEY.  He said it was like stamping on the brakes and cost the wardroom a full set of lunch crockery when the ship stopped but the plates didn't.

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Capt. Patrick Moloney  1-9-2011

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