An APA in Task Force 78 that made attacks in Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippines

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This page remembers Gunners Mate Howard Leslie Carroll. His daughter Deborah, has posted his experiences in a word document for all to remember. She also provided these photos in August, 2003
Howard enlisted in the navy in the summer of 1943, went through boot camp in San Diego, and was assigned to three months of gunnery school. On September 11, 1944 the ship he had trained for was finally commissioned at Terminal Island, San Pedro.

After many exercises, Haskell moved with in the same Task Force as Adair. 
Haskell sailed via Mios Woendi to Noemfoor Island, 23 November-2 December, where preparations were underway for the important landings at Lingayen Gulf, Philippines.

Haskell Class Amphibious Attack Transport: Haskell was the lead ship
of the 119 ship Haskell class of attack transports (APA-117 through
APA-180 and APA-187 through APA-239) that were built on Victory 
Ship (VC2-S-AP5) hulls. This class, all completed and commissioned in
1944-1945, provided rapidly built hulls for the invasion fleets used mainly
in the final push across the Pacific.
At staging areas throughout the western Pacific ships such as Haskell loaded troops and made practice landings prior to the actual assault. After exercises at Japen Island, Haskell departed in convoy for the Philippines 4 January 1945. A part of Rear Admiral Conolly's reinforcement echelon, Haskell and the other transports arrived off Lingayen Gulf 11 January, 2 days after the initial landings. Haskell's group escaped attack while sailing the treacherous route through the Philippines. After unloading her troops and cargo, Haskell departed the next day, but not before her gunners had shot down their first enemy aircraft during an air raid on the 11th. 
Howard remembers, Arrived occupational area of Lingayen Gulf, Luzon P.I. and commenced unloading troops and cargo.  Under enemy air attack.  Shot down one plane.  Hustle and bustle of activity here.  Smoke screens made it impossible to observe the beach – only the coming and going of our landing craft as they went to the beach. I remember the troops using rubbers to wrap their ammo clips and also the tips of their rifles to keep sand from jamming the mechanisms. Our planes were restricted to only daytime, so at night we shot at anything in the air.

The puppy "TEX" was with them all the way.

Howard died in July of 2001 

Deborah's document had been posted for some time and in December 2001 she received her 1st e:mail about the Haskell. Within 10 days she heard from someone else. She said "It was as tho Daddy was trying to contact me & saying he was still watching over me.  I "hear" from him now several times a year - this yr it's been around the month of his death.  Since I am not the type of person to take hints, I feel he chose the vehicle I would recognize without a doubt ... the ship he loved.  Thank you for being a part of that." God bless, Deborah

One of Deborah's contacts whose dad served on the Haskell as well. wrote: "My dad also talked about some poor guy who drank homemade alcohol on one of the islands and went blind for a few days."

......Ship Mates:
Colby, Malcolm LTjg 44 TX
Crosier, Robert  LTjg 42 WA
Hendley, Emory SF 44 TX
Hightower, Alfred MM 44 AR
Snyder, Kenneth EM 44 NY
Spear, Robert BM 43 DE d. 5-2002
Stage, James WT 44 CO

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