USS Glacier

Photo Collection


Maritime Administration


Dry Docked in
Vallejo, CA.
 in April 2012

In Tow by Tug Rhea
Across the Caribbean
  JUNE of 2012
by Smith Maritime




It's not too late to "SAVE THE GLACIER"
The Glacier  Society and ESCO Marine have made an agreement in principal to swap ships with MARAD
to make GLACIER available for the society's planned museum. All the society needs is 
for MARAD or
  the U. S. Secretary of Transportation to authorize the swap. LETTERS OF SUPPORT ARE NEEDED!
Write a LETTER to "The Glacier Society" in support of swapping the Glacier for other ships for Metal Recycling!

Glacier: A field or body of ice formed in a region where snowfall exceeds melting; it moves slowly down a mountainside or valley. The second and fourth Glacier were named for Glacier Bay, Alaska; the third Glacier for Glacier County, Montana.

Departure VIDEO   -   Follow the Voyage to BROWNSVILLE

Glacier Class Icebreaker: Laid down, 3 August 1953, at Ingalls Shipbuilding, Corp., Pascagoula, MS.

Displacement: 8,650 t. Length: 310' Beam: 74' Draft: 29'
Speed: 16 kts. Complement: 16 Officers, 232 Enlisted
Air Detachment Complement: 4 Officers, 10 Enlisted - Aircraft: two helicopters
Armament: one twin 5"/38 dual purpose gun mount

Music by TIM BARRON SM3 1968-70 USS Kawishiwi AO-146