A VC2-S-AP3 - Victory Cargo Ship built by the Oregon Shipbuilders Corp. in Portland, OR The FURMAN VICTORY Keel was layed on Janurary 3, 1945 as O.S.C. hull number 1228. Just 44 days later, on March 6, it was launched. It was delivered to the navy on April 19 and sponsored by Mrs. Carl C. Donaugh who's husband at that time was a U.S. Attorney from Oregon.
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The section drawing above displays Victory Cargo ships 455'-3" length, with a beam of 62 feet. It has a 6000 horse power steam turbine engine and capiable ot speeds from 15 to 17 knots.

  Peter Stoudt 
Was the person leading the effort to save Furman.

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