SS Furman Victory  AK-280

This picture has been identified by (former DK3) Stan Sharp as having been taken during one of the 1968 "exchanges" during which Proteus took 5 months off for self-overhaul at SRF Guam. He has identified the five ships: (L-R) USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634), USS Proteus (AS-19), USS Furman (AK-280), USS Hunley (AS-31) and USS Daniel Boone (SSBN-629).         Photo - courtesy

The Furman Victory is moored in the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NRDF) at Beaumont, Texas.  See the Reserve Fleet Web Site.

We need to get the ship moved to the Portland area to become a memorial museum ship dedicated to all of those who built her, sailed her, and were carried by her to all of the battle sites she sailed to during the WW2, Korea, and Vietnam wars.  If she had been a Navy ship, she would have collect a multitude of battle stars, but she was a civilian vessel on lease to the military for all of those years.  She was just retired back in 1993, so she's still in good shape.

These ships are from the left the Texas Clipper, the Furman (AK-280) and the Dutton.  There is an application in progress from the state of Texas to sink all three of these ships as artificial reefs off of Texas.  Dutton was originally the Tuskegee Victory.  Furman was originally the Furman Victory.

The Dutton (facing the camera) and the Furman (facing away from the camera) with the Texas Clipper to the right.