USS Fulton AS-11

Robert Fulton, born in Little Britain, Pa., in 1765,
 had a distinguished career as a painter before patenting his first invention.

Fulton Class Submarine Tender:

Laid down, 19 July 1939, at Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, CA.

Commissioned USS Fulton (AS-11), 12 September 1941,

Displacement 9,250 t.(lt)
Length 529' 6"  Beam 73' 4"
Draft 23' 6"  Speed 15.4 kts.
Complement     1273

Largest Boom Capacity 20 t.
Armament [4] single 5"/38 guns
 [2] twin 40mm AA gun mounts
 [12] single 20mm AA gun mounts

Fuel Capacity - Diesel 26,600 Bbls
Propulsion General Motors 16-248 Diesel electric engines single Fairbanks Morse Main Reduction Gear [4] Ship's Service Generators 500Kw 450V A.C. twin propellers, 11,200shp

Aerial view of USS Fulton (AS 11) and USS Orion (AS-18) moored side by side at La Maddalena, Sardinia in March 1985. Fulton (the oldest active ship in the fleet at the time, 43 years) relieved Orion for a period of 49 days so that Orion could receive needed maintenance and repairs.

Music by TIM BARRON SM3 1968-70 USS Kawishiwi AO-146