USS Forrestal

Aerial view of USS Forrestal (CVA-59) underway, sometime between January and July 1967.
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Ken Killmeyer     -     Parked on deck, forward to aft,
 are [2] F-4B Phantom IIs from VF-74 "Be-Devilers,"       [1] EA-1F Skyraider from VAW-33 "Night Hawks,"
[1] E-2A Hawkeye from VAW-123 "Screwtops,"       and       [2] RA-5C Vigilantes from RVAH-11 "Checkertails."

CLASS - FORRESTAL     Named for James Vincent Forrestal     View: In Operation Photos
Displacement: 56,000 Tons, Dimensions: 1039' (oa) x 129' 1" x 37' (Max)   Armament: [8]  5"/54s, [100] Aircraft. 
Armor: Unknown. 
Machinery: 260,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, [4] screws  Speed, 33 Knots, Crew: 3800 - 4280.
The "Attack Aircraft Carrier" (CVA-59), was Launched 11 Dec 1954 and commissioned 1 Oct 1955.
The FIRST Aircraft Carrier built specifically to SUPPORT JET AIRCRAFT!

View: VFP-62   2010 Photos  or Bulletin Board  or  SOUVENIR THOUGHTS
Fatal Fire - July 29, 1967

USS Forrestal being moved from Newport R.I. to Philadelphia Naval Yard June 15, 2010
In 2014 the vessel will be towed to ALL STAR METALS LLC  In Brownsville, Texas and be scrapped
The Towing Vessel LAUREN FOSS wil pull the Forrestal from Philadelphia to Brownsville.

"Older carriers with wood or jointed-steel decks were fine for propeller-driven fighter planes with low landing speeds and short take-off runs. But the Forrestal’s six-squadron complement, totaling 80 to 100 planes, presents hiar-raising problems. Her fire-shooting F3H Demon fighters and F4D Skyray interceptors blur in at speeds over 100 miles per hour." Words from page 85 of the Popular Mechanics November 1954 issure. Click cover - left.

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